Designing Futures

The Pink ecosystem provides a platform where partners are able to use facilities, methodologies, tools and services within the building known as Scharinska Villan, and where everybody is expected to bring his or her own expertise and interests alive for others, within the community.

The Pink has a fluid and dynamic purpose, where activities and people change over time. By applying this vision together with our partners and stakeholders, within and around the ecosystem, we create an identity that is open for change.

 If you find it fuzzy, yet intriguing, you might be the right person for The Pink!

Being part of The Pink ecosystem means

  • Having access to a network and innovation landscape;
  • Belonging to a life-long learning environment;
  • Being able to actively participate in workshops, events and seminars;
  • Being in a design driven environment, where futures are prototyped.

This ecosystem is part of RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and, as such, has relationships to both public and private sectors, with connections to cultural institutions, academia, NGOs, industry and SME’s in the region, nationally and internationally.

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