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General Questions

In Scharinska Villan Address: Storgatan 65, 90330, Umeå, Sweden
There is a parking lot just behind the building. It is a Upab parking lot, rates can be found in the Upab app or website.
The building and property are owned by Nordiska Centrumhus AB (
RISE stands for Research Institutes of Sweden, the biggest research institute in Sweden, with around 2700 employees. If you want to know more about RISE in general visit The RISE studio in Umeå is an interaction design research studio, using design as a research tool to investigate and work with societal challenges in Umeå, the region, Sweden but also internationally. The Umeå studio, with around 10 people, took on the challenge to design a new concept for Scharinska Villan after its restoration in 2013/2014. In collaboration with Nordiska Centrumhus (owners of the building) and Umeå Kommun we created a concept where the house functions as a window towards the future. This means that we, together with members of the building, try to figure out new ways of working together, prototype possible solutions or possibilities around societal challenges.
Members of The Pink have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For non members; We do not have specific opening times. Our working days are usually between 8 am and 5 pm, but also in the evening, there are often people around working on small private individual projects in our maker spaces. Feel free to ring the doorbell or drop a line to us before you would like to visit.
The Pink opened its doors on the first of September 2018.
No unfortunately not, but you can contact us on
Yes, you can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram!
Not yet, but we are working on this! We are an international environment, with a lot of different backgrounds and nationalities. English is our first language, but Swedish is not a problem either.
The Pink is open to EVERYONE but does not support exclusion, discrimination, hate or extreme ideologies.
Ja, vi pratar Svenska också! The Pink är ett initiativ av Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) som ägs av svenska staten. Inom RISE använder vi flertalet språk och alltid svenska eller engelska. The Pink använder ofta engelska i sin kommunikation på grund av att våra medlemmar redan har en diversifierad kulturell och språklig bakgrund. English: Yes, we speak Swedish as well. The Pink is an initiative by Swedish governmentally owned Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). Both Swedish and English language are used within RISE, The Pink is generally English language oriented due to the diverse international backgrounds within the team that drives The Pink.