The world’s largest 3D printed wooden object, 100% biodegradable, realised by RISE, in Umeå.

1 November 2018
Umeå, SE – RISE Interactive located in RISE’s design-driven ecosystem ‘The Pink’ (former Scharinska Villan), announced today that they 3D printed a vase that consists of 85% wood and is 100% biodegradable. The vase is 60×45 cm large and, at the time of this press release, the world’s largest 3D printed wooden object.

“Wood is one of Sweden’s biggest and most important resources. In the processes between the forest and the wood planks, buildings, furniture and paper that we use, a lot of side stream material such as wood flour is generated. Today, these side streams are often used for energy when, in fact, they could be put in much better use. Together with WASP, the manufacturers of the 3D printers we use, we collaborate to become pioneers in the research and applications of these ‘useful’ side streams. The mixture used for 3D printing contains besides wood flour only natural ingredients which makes the final product 100% biodegrad- able,” said Dina Dedic, Director of the Biomaterial Scale Up Center (BISC) at RISE Bioeconomy.

Attempts at using wood in 3D printing materials have been made. However, these generally contain large amounts of polymer binders, such as PLA (polylactide, which is a kind of plastic). The 3D prints that have been made using nanocellulose have, up to now, all been on a small scale. In the 3D printed vase that RISE built, we have 0% plastic, and a high percentage of wood. Using these local and natural resources will play an increasing role in the development of sustainable futures for our region, society and planet. RISE sees a great potential in the further development of this material and other cellulose-based and organic resources for additive manufacturing.

About Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), The Pink and WASP
RISE is a Swedish Research Institute and innovation partner, with over 2700 researchers active in a wide range of disciplines and running over 100 testbeds. RISE ensures the competitiveness of the business community and contributes to a sustainable society. In September 2018, RISE opened the design driven, co-working space ‘The Pink’ in former Scharinska Villan – “Creating this 3D printed wooden vase is just one of the first successes made possible by The Pink ecosystem, this brings together tools, methods, people and burning passion to realise these kinds of results,” said Ambra Trotto, Design Research & Innovation Director at The Pink. More information about RISE and The Pink can be found at and

WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Italy. WASP recently revealed a 3D printed house made using a mud based mixture. WASP, in collaboration with their thirteen WASP Hubs spread all over the world, experiments with all kinds of 3D printable, locally retrievable materials such as ceramics, mud and wood and aims to push the possibilities of additive manufacturing with the goal to make ‘zero-mile’ homes, using materials found on the surrounding area. The WASP Hub in Umeå is an outcome of RISE activities in the EU-funded +Project and is hosted and curated by RISE at The Pink. More information about WASP can be found at

Timelaps of the vase being 3D printed by the 3MT printer of WASP.

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