The Pink offers a variety of different spaces, all with different atmospheres and purposes. Inside the lovely walls of Scharinska Villan You can work, meet, sing, dance, speak, create, cook, you name it! Have a look below and see in detail our sparkling rooms.

* Scharinska Villan is the pink building at the street Storgatan 63-65, located next to Döbelns park in Umeå, Sweden. Scharinska villan was designed by the architect Ragnar Östberg and it was erected in 1904-1905 for Egil Unander-Scharin and his family. In the 1950s the building also housed the family business AB Scharins Söner.

Flex spaces

Sit and work in our comfortable flex spaces! WiFi, coffee and a printer are available.

The Pink hosts up to 80 flex desks with all the necessary infrastructure for a smooth and effective work experience. This flexile set up encourages social interactions, boosts your energy and stimulates your creativity. The variation of flexible spaces also takes account to your mood and needs; do you need something private and enclosed today? Maybe something open and social for tomorrow? Maybe something soft and cozy for next weeks brainstorm? We offer all this, just 3 minutes from Umeå centre ... oh and did we say we have awesome coffee?

Top notch Wi-Fi

Great coffee and cozy fika areas

All office supplies in hand reach

3 minute walk from Umeå city centre

I want a flex desk!

Conference & meeting rooms

We have three different conference rooms available with their own character and charm. They're suitable for up to 10-14 people, and are all equiped with screens, video streaming and microphones to be able to connect with more people remotely.

10 - 14 people

We take care of the coffee

Projectors and/or televisions available

10 minutes away from Umeå Airport
5 minutes from Umeå Train Station

Help me organise my conference

Event Spaces

Spanska Salen

Our event spaces are one of a kind. The ground floor can be used for events, conferences, workshops, breakfasts meetings and even dinners. The Spanska Salen is famous for its ravishing Spanish tiling, and together with the White hall and the entrance hall, they create a beautiful inspiring and roomy space for events. For more information about the possibilities of renting these, please email us on info@thepink.se

100 - 150 guests

Sound system with microphones

options for lunch and fika

Projectors or televisions available

Rent a space for an event

Lounge areas

Throughout the building, we are developing several different lounging areas, in which you can work, meet, have a phone call, or simply take a small nap.

Get yourself a drink

Take a small nap

Take the time to check your social media

WASP HUB: 3D-Print Workshop

3D-printing is predicted by many to be one of the key techniques in future design and problem solving. We have a range of machines and tools in The Pink, our ambition is not modest: To be one of the most cutting edge centers for 3D-printing in the world! The printers are available to be used by you! Have a look at our rental pricing list for information about this, or email us at info@thepink.se

Six 3D printers for different materials

3D print with 80% wood

Turn your 3D projects into reality

Check out our workshop!

Prototyping Lab

PrototypingLab is situated in the basement of The Pink, formerly a pub in Scharinska Villan! This place is used for prototyping, wood working, lasercutting, soldering and more. Being an Amaranth or Carnation member at The Pink gives you full access to this area, which is also great for creative workshops!

Hands on makerspace

Prototyping workshop

Laser cutter

I want to make something!


An open industry standing kitchen for food experimentation, open for anyone who wants to explore the future of food! For prices, have a look at our rental pricing list.

Equipped industrial kitchen

Food & Drinks innovation

space for 12 people

Yes, you cán and should play with food!

Pro-Sound studio: PinkNoise

Our SoundStudio consisting out of two parts, an open access studio, available for anyone interested in recording and editing audio, and the inner Pro-Sound Studio, developed in collaboration with sound designer Andreas Estensen is available for professional sound creatives (courses are available).

Pro-Sound Design Studio

For small groups

Follow a sound course

Book the sound studio