Scharinska Villan

a building full of memories

A Pink Diamond in the North of Sweden

In the middle of the northern Swedish town of Umeå is a large pink building. In the past it has been a family home, a student house, a club for world-class jazz music, a stage for the emergence of hard core and straight edge rock, a blossoming hip-hop scene and a location that has experienced more legendary parties than most.
In 2018, the house enters a new role. A role that respects all these past manifestations, however looking into the future. But what is it to be? Who is going to walk its corridors and rooms, what will be made and shared from this unique cultural location?

A brief history

Scharinska villan was designed by the architect Ragnar Östberg and it was constructed in 1904-1905 for Egil Unander-Scharin and his family. In the 1950s the building also housed the family business AB Scharins Söner. The front door at the main entrance has a scene in relief that is designed by Ragnar Östberg. The subject is an abundant foliage with the faces of seven kids with a stork in the middle. The seven faces symbolize the seven children in the Scharin family Scharinska villan is considered one of Östberg’s best works during his youth. Besides being a residence during its early years, the villa served different purposes such as a house of Umeå’s student community (1960), a music store, a guitar museum, rock bar (2006), night club and restaurant. During these times several famous bands (Refused) and artists (Ella Fitzgerald, Tove Styrke) found a stage in Scharinska. Umeå Kommun sold Scharinska Villan in March 2017 to Nordiska Centrumhus, current owners of the house.