Our vision

Designing Futures Together


Be, Work & Realise Change

A place for sustainable societal transformation


The Pink is a multidisciplinary working place, where people from different backgrounds, expertise and companies work together to create impact or any kind of change within society. Anyone is welcome to join, and together create the identity of this house. The Pink offers flex desks for individuals and companies, on top of this we offer prototyping spaces, a sound studio, a prototyping lab, 3D printers, KitchenLab and beautiful presentation spaces that can be used when working in The Pink.


The Pink offers a broad ecosystem of knowledge, networks and collaborations. This network of people and competences strives to collaborate with different partners in our region, Sweden and also internationally. The Pink is a partner in Design by Umeå (https://www.designbyumea.com/), in which we are positioned as the design driven research hub in the North.

This means that we focus on societal transformation, by prototyping risk and navigating the complexity of todays society. The Pink enables applied research for the sake of society, by gathering a network, facilities and skills. This research is strongly humanistically driven, and focuses through experimentation on the values and ethics incited by changes and transformations. It is an experiential window towards the future, where making, creating and exploring are key to the activities here in The Pink.

The Pink's ecosystem is part of RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and, as such, has relationships to both public and private sectors, with connections to cultural institutions, academia, NGOs, industry and SME’s in the region, nationally and internationally. Scroll down for more information about RISE.


In The Pink we challenge the current understanding of what a work environment is and explore how work environments could look like in the future. Not only do we explore the potential of collaborations between all sorts of different individuals, companies and institutes, we also design the spaces in which this happens. The spaces within The Pink are designed to challenge visitors and members to use their bodies differently and explore different engagements with the spaces and its people inside. This is a process in which we try to make sense of this to ensure that our values and the quality of the building resonate with the way we work in it.

The workplaces that we offer in The Pink are a neutral ground, in which explorations, risk taking and experimentations can be done in an environment in which failure is perceived as something useful, rather than a loss. Our active engagement with the latest results and findings, offers us ways to explore different potential futures on a daily basis, resulting in an open and accessible testing, experiential and life-long learning environment. The Pink is therefore constantly in the grey area of uncertainty when engaging in future scenarios. The house is an experimentation ground for anyone who is interested in engaging in the complexity and ambiguity of potential futures, and is never done with learning about new perspectives.


The Pink facilitates a lot of making, prototyping, experimentation and design activities through the set up of its spaces and its infrastructure. This does not mean that The Pink merely provides a workplace for individuals or companies in the creative sector. Making, creating and prototyping is a perspective from which we work with societal transformations and societal challenges, and this can be done by anyone working with these topics.

Creating, making and prototyping help to envision and explore new, unknown perspectives. In The Pink, we are imbued with the spirit of prototyping: to work together and make and experiment with concrete proposals of what we can put in the world. This prototyping can be done in many different ways, and may take many different forms. We therefore do not use off the shelf products or tools. In The Pink we create new tools to navigate through the complexity that societal challenges bring forward. The results of prototyping can be a video or a story, a play or a model of a product, and will help in ideation, envisioning, creating and communicating new ideas to tackle challenges, explore new opportunities and come up with innovative solutions.


Prototyping the future is no guess work. It takes people – the right people – to be there, talk and make together constructively. At The Pink, we work with Transformative Practices, the cutting-edge methodology of design research for prototyping sustainable futures. We work on an international level that support diverse multi-stakeholder innovation processes.In such collaborations, professionals constantly develop new competences and are empowered to address contemporary and upcoming challenges, that are complex and require a systemic approach. When being a member of The Pink, workshops that explore the concepts of design research and transformative practices are provided, to further sharpen and explore challenges or issues that are relevant in todays society. For more information about these, please contact us on info@thepink.se


The Pink is RISE’s Design Hub. RISE is an independent, state-owned research institute that offers unique expertise and about 130 testbeds and demonstration facilities, instrumental in future-proofing technologies, products and services. RISE is a non-profit organisation. The headquarters of RISE are located in Gothenburg, but we have employees all over Sweden. By being part of Scharinska, members gain access to an experiential window into the future, where innovations, prototypes and knowledge of all of RISE are ubiquitous and have an ever-changing presence. The higher membership levels of Scharinska provides direct access to services offered by RISE. RISE is the Swedish Research Institute and innovation partner. In international collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector, we ensure the competitiveness of the business community and contribute to a sustainable society. For more information about RISE, visit the website: www.ri.se