Welcome to The Pink

… the vibrant collaborative workspace located in the grand Scharinska Villan*.

* Scharinska Villan is the pink building at the street Storgatan 65, located next to Döbelns park in Umeå, Sweden. Scharinska villan was designed by the architect Ragnar Östberg and it was erected in 1904-1905 for Egil Unander-Scharin and his family. In the 1950s the building also housed the family business AB Scharins Söner.


The Pink is a co-working space with a twist. And we* have a high ambition: we want to create Sweden's leading space for Sustainable Societal Transformation. Therefore we have set up an ecosystem for creative work, discussions and dialogue, for prototyping and researching, open for people with diverse competences and backgrounds. We already have designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, computer whizzes and innovators from all over the world. And now we want you to join us in this vortex of innovation and energy! Make your gray workday Pink!

* We are RISE – Research institutes of Sweden – a unique mobilisation of resources to increase the pace of innovation in our society. By gathering a number of research institutes and over a hundred test beds and demonstration environments under the umbrella of a single innovation partner, we empower and support society's change-makers.
We are owned by the Swedish State and work in collaboration with and on behalf of the private and public sectors and academia. Together, we develop services, products, technologies, processes and materials that contribute to a sustainable future and a competitive Swedish business community.



At The Pink we like work, we even like HARD WORK. But work doesn’t have to be unpleasent, boring or meaningless. Let’s get rid of all of that and create a working place for fun, for experimentation and for great great work. Come join us! And yes, when you need a pause, we have our lovely hang-out spots and of course nice warm tasty coffee!



At the core of The Pink is the interaction between people. No matter if you’re meeting two an two, with a small team or taking part in a 80 person conference, Scharinska Villans eloquent rooms comes with inspiration and positive atmosphere.

Do not underestimate having the right setting, the right atmosphere, when trying to make yourself heard and when speaking to an audience. Anyone will feel important in the lovely Spanska Salen, with it’s famous beautiful Spanish tiling, and for smaller talks our conference rooms provides the right dignified feeling.



Det vi alla vill är att skapa saker visst?y Här i The Pink har vi en fantastisk verktygslåda av labratorier och produktionsytor som du knappast finner på en vanlig samverkansplats! prototyplabbet, ljudstudion, 3D-printlabbet, träverkstaden, kökslabbet … vad väntar du på? Kasta in dina idéer i våra skapande rum, gå lös och kom ut med fantastiska resultat!